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Lead Cloud AWS Engineer

Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Jenkins
Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore
We are looking for a proactive and skilled Lead AWS Engineer with a passion for automation, scalability, and microservices, this role provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of our AWS-based solutions. Join our team and play a vital role in ensuring the reliability and success of our technology stack. If you are passionate about automating deployment processes, implementing CI/CD pipelines, and leveraging microservices' best practices, this role offers a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the success of our technology stack.
  • Responsible for fault-tolerance, high-availability, scalability, and security on AWS Infrastructure and Platform,
    • Responsible for implementation of CI/CD pipelines with automated build and test systems.
      • Responsible for Production Deployment using Multiple Deployment Strategies.
        • Responsible for Automating the AWS Infrastructure and Platform Deployment with Infrastructure as a Code.
          • Responsible for Automating System Configurations using Configuration Management Tools.
            • Good Understanding & implementation of Microservices Concepts and Best Practices
              • Enabling application development by coordinating requirements, schedules, and activities.
                • Addressing issues promptly, responding positively to setbacks and challenges with a mindset of continuous improvement
                  • Carrying out POCs to make sure that suggested design/technologies meet the requirements
                    • Able to learn the services used in the environment quickly.
                      • Minimum 8 years of Experience, with 5 years of Relevant experience in Cloud and DevOps.
                        • Hands on Production Experience in Linux or Window System Engineering
                          • Hands on Production Experience with AWS Compute Service: EC2, AMI, Lambda, Autoscaling, Load Balancers, Spot Instances
                            • Hands on Production Experience with AWS Storage Service: S3, EFS, EBS, Glacier, Storage Gateway
                              • Hands on Production Experience with AWS Security Service: IAM, AWS Config, Cloud Trail, WAF, KMS
                                • Hands on Production Experience with AWS Network Service: VPC, Subnets, Router, Transit Gateway, VPN, VPC Endpoint
                                  • Hands on Production Experience with AWS observability Service: CloudWatch Alarms, CloudWatch Logs, Cloud Trail, VPC Flow Logs, ECS/EKS Enhance Monitoring
                                    • Good Automation Skills using AWS Orchestration Tools like - Terraform, Cloud Formation
                                      nice to have
                                      • Hands on Production experience in Docker and Container Orchestration using Kubernetes on AWS EKS or AWS ECS
                                        • Hands on Production Experience with AWS Database Service: AWS RDS, Cache, Read Replicas, Dynamo DB
                                          • Ability to write scripts (Linux/shell/Python/Windows PowerShell) to automate Cloud Automation Tasks or Configuration Management tasks or Ability to use Configuration Management tools like Ansible/Chef/Puppet
                                            • Experience in Source Code Management: Gitlab/ GitHub/ Bitbucket/Code Commit.
                                              • Experience in Build Automation Server: AWS Code build/ AWS Code deploy/ Jenkins/ Gitlab CI/ Gitlab runner/ Sonar.
                                                • Collaboration: JIRA/ Confluence
                                                  • Experience in In place Deployment, Blue Green Deployment and Canary Deployment.
                                                    • Experience with Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana stacks.
                                                      • AWS Cloud & its services - Compute, Network, IAM/Security, Observability, Databases services
                                                        • Linux Administration
                                                          • Scripting Language -Python / Shell scripting / Powershell
                                                            • Infrastructure as Code - Terraform / Cloudformation
                                                              • Kubernetes / EKS


                                                                For you
                                                                • Insurance Coverage 
                                                                • Paid Leaves – including maternity, bereavement, paternity, and special COVID-19 leaves. 
                                                                • Financial assistance for medical crisis 
                                                                • Retiral Benefits – VPF and NPS 
                                                                • Customized Mindfulness and Wellness programs 
                                                                • EPAM Hobby Clubs
                                                                For your comfortable work
                                                                • Hybrid Work Model 
                                                                • Soft loans to set up workspace at home 
                                                                • Stable workload 
                                                                • Relocation opportunities with ‘EPAM without Borders’ program

                                                                For your growth
                                                                • Certification trainings for technical and soft skills 
                                                                • Access to unlimited LinkedIn Learning platform 
                                                                • Access to internal learning programs set up by world class trainers 
                                                                • Community networking and idea creation platforms 
                                                                • Mentorship programs 
                                                                • Self-driven career progression tool